Ship Chandler Tarragona

Leading Organization in Quality Material Supply

Tarragona ship chandler is a company that is able to meet the demands and expectations of its customers with its professional staff, which makes the supply and supply of marine vehicles without problems.

Ship Chandler Tarragona

Ship Chandler Tarragona

Tarragona ship chandler supplies and supplies all kinds of materials in Tarragona ports under favorable conditions. Aluminum alloy cross, ship cross cross, pilot cross, wood cross step, rubber cross step, cylindrical cross step, sea water thermometer, hand pearl, safety match, mouse, syphilis, gyrola, letter and number templates, sounding meter, scaffold safety nets All materials such as wooden wedge, cargo net, chemical equipment box, kratos anchor post, kratos hexapod, kratos rescue crane, kratos multi safe way, kratos parachute type belt, manila rope, marsepet are supplied by our company without any problem and are being replenished.

Tarragona ship chandler has the technical infrastructure to meet the needs of any type of ship without any problem. Tarragona ship chandler, which provides superior service in the ports of Tarragona, has the advantage of supplying every product that the ship needs in a short time, from paint, deck materials, machine materials and spare parts to electrical materials and maintenance and repair services. In addition to medical materials, cleaning materials, stationery materials, electronic and IT products, briefly military or a civilian ship that meets all the materials in need of a complete operation of our business, usually spare parts according to the catalog of Impa and Issa. In addition, it is possible to reach all our supply needs with visuals. After the images are reached, our company provides the necessary materials to be supplied without any problem.

Tarragona ship chandler is a major brand in the shipbuilding industry. Our company, which provides only ship chandler service, solves all types of supply needs of ships, presents the best solutions quickly and acts with a result oriented approach. Tarragona ship chandler, which is qualified as a disciplined partner for you and your ship in Tarragona ports, has enough equipment to meet every kind of material needs. All the personnel working in our company are experienced, trained and equipped. In addition, by closely following the developments in the sector, the replenishment needs of even the latest model ships are met in a short time.

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