Tarragona Ship Chandler/Supplier

Tarragona Ship Chandler provide a wide range of spare parts supply in Tarragona and enhance our own capability to satisfy shipowner’s needs – price, quality and time.

Founded in many years ago, but already main located in Tarragona port since 2002 Tarragona ship supply

As a long-term and reliable supplier for the maritime industry, we are able to react quickly and flexibly to individual customer requirements. Ship Chandler Tarragona as Spain Ship Supplier provide whatever is needed for your vessels with our maritime competence.

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Provided some categories as below:
Auxiliary Engines, Boilers, Cranes; Winches & Lifting, Engine System & Spares, Engine System & Spares, Firefighting Equipment, Heat Exchangers, Corosion Control, Ladders, Mooring, Ropes, Wires & Cables, Navigation Equipment, Pipe & Tubes, Pumps, Purifiers & Separators,Bridge Equipment / Steering & Propulsion / Steering Systems, Valves, Air conditioning / Ventilation, child of “Valves”, sensor / gauges, Waste & Sewage Management, Bilge Water Separator (as child of Purifiers & Separators), Pneumatic Parts, Elevators & Escalators, Locks & Security Access Control, Cleaning, Sanitizing and Sterilizing Equipment, Controllers / Flow Meter
Services available all in Spain ports
Tarragona Ship Chanlder offer you our services as ship supplier to your vessels 365 days a year at any time.
Ship Chandler Tarragona provide more than 45,000 known brand products for Marine & Hardware stores as well as Bonded stores.
Taragona Ship Chandler handle:
– Technical, Cabin, Deck and Engine Stores Chemicals
– Safety and Protective equipment
– Hand, Electric and Pneumatic tools
– Stationary, Medicines, Provision and Bonded Store

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